Shop Local. No Markups

Business Signup helps local mom and pop stores and small businesses allow their neighborhood customers to shop their shelves using a smartphone or a computer.

At the touch of a button, your customers can order and pay for snacks, sodas, beer, wine and liquor. All alcohol pickup requires a buyer with a valid 21+ ID.

Our online order app is used by

Neighborhood Gas Stations

Local Retailers

Local Grocery Stores

Independent Pharmacies

How GoGoCurb works?

  • Customers shop your inventory online, place an order and pay using a smartphone or a computer.
  • You get an email/text message with their order details.
  • You log into your vendor account and confirm the order is ready for pickup. We notify the customer via an email/text message.
  • We deposit the money minus the standard merchant/CC fees of 4.5% + $0.45 per transaction.

What does it cost the business owner:

Zero. It’s your inventory, why pay someone else or share revenue from your sales.
  • Sign up fee $399 Waived to $0
  • No monthly service plan or recurring billing to worry about.
  • No contract, you can disable your online store anytime.
How does GoGoCurb make money:
  • Customers pay $1.99 service fees per online order.
  • No markups. No price surge. No hidden fees. Customers pay per use. Simple.
What our online app does:
  • Email/text alerts to the seller when an order is placed.
  • Email/text alerts to the customer when an order is ready for pickup.
  • We help sellers add inventory items to their online store.
  • Simple and secure web platform. No prior tech knowledge needed.
  • Alabama based customer support.
What we cannot do:
  • Connect with your point of sale system.
  • Show multiple images for a single item.
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